Automated Workflows Solution

MTWorkflows™ – an indispensable tool for any business.

MTWorkflows™ automates simple TMC processes (within or outside the GDS), yielding optimum results. A workflow comprised of structured, predefined processes can be created quickly and easily through an intuitive user interface. The resulting workflow is displayed as a simple flow chart, a visual representation which is easily understandable and relatable. All of the processes within a workflow can of course be custom tailored for your needs.

Most importantly, MTWorkflows™ completely eliminates time-consuming, often tedious tasks which must be performed manually on a daily basis. This high level of automation enables increased client communication and responsiveness.

The inherent gains in productivity, efficiency and customer service are significant and obvious when adding MTWorkflows™ to your business


GDS entries (Scripting)
Pending approval processes
Sending of customized emails and SMS
Web requests
Data management

Features include:

Ease of Use
Fully customizable
IROP and flight monitoring
Itinerary-based messaging
Quality-control capabilities