CCRA Announces Elite Pro, New Amenities-Driven Program for Select Travel Agencies

CCRA’s Elite Pro category builds on their existing Global Preferred Hotel Program with a portfolio of technology and amenity-driven benefits. The program is by select invite only.

Fort Worth, TX – May 04, 2018

CCRA announced today the rollout of a brand new program designed for select travel agency customers looking to enhance their offerings with stronger amenity options for their clients and access to a modernized set of preferred agreements that affect every dimension of their program.

CCRA has secured premier partnerships with hundreds of hotel properties, as well as in the technology, transport and consulting segments, including:

Carey International  |  Expense Anywhere  |   CTS Systems  |  Booking Builder  |  Magnatech  |  iJet  |   RateGain   |  TCG Consulting

“Elite Pro is something we’ve been working on for almost 2 years now. We’ve really taken our time on this one, perfecting every aspect of what’s going to be a game changer for our clients,” said Peter E. Pincus, CCRA’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We’re going to be able to connect select agencies with many of our hotel partners in a way that’s going to make a world of difference to their travelers. From new amenities, better rates, and exclusive agreements to the kinds of tech tools that can modernize their operations, we’re putting the industry on notice. We can’t wait to really wow our clients with this, so they can, in turn, wow theirs.”

CCRA began enhancing their program for both the travel agencies and the hotel suppliers connected to it in 2015 with the debut of their Suite Code offering, making access to the world’s best suite products under one rate code in the GDS, and with growth of their Hot Deals code designed to help agencies access last-minute, high margin distressed inventory. Both experienced tremendous growth, giving CCRA the cue it needed to further develop this new category for select agencies who needed a more amenity-driven option for their most discerning customers.

In addition to the ancillary services being provided by CCRA partners, CCRA is providing complimentary CAP (Catastrophic Advisory Program) services driven from their best-in-class 24/7 Call Center. This service will allow agencies to notify their travelers of any potential disruption to their itinerary, including weather emergencies and natural disasters, acts of terrorism or other catastrophic disruptions.

The program is being made available now to select travel agencies who are linked to CCRA’s rates by invitation only, as well as to hotel partners who are the best fit for this category.

For more information on CCRA’s Elite Pro, please visit

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