CTS Systems


Montreal, CA (Febuary 1, 2017) — Travel management software provider Magnatech has negotiated several strategic business allianceswith other companies that cater to the travel industry this past year. They most recently partnered with global hotel reconciliation management firm, CTS Systems. CTS Systems is a highly specialized company within the commission management and reconciliation field. CTS has handled over US $7 Billion in travel revenues in 2016 alone with more than 45 million transactions processed world-wide. The partnership between these companies helps close the integration gap for travel solutions among their clientele. The partnership enables CTS to leverage an additional source of data, thus enabling them to have a more accurate picture of hotel commissions available to an agency, and allows Magnatech to broaden their scope from air travel to other aspects of the travel industry, notably hotels.

Our partnership with Magnatech is an exciting development in line with CTS Systems’ strategic growth strategy.  Not only are we expanding our reach internationally, we are also looking for new areas of innovation.  Magnatech is utilizing our 25 years’ experience in the hospitality channel, and conversely, we are looking at Magnatech’s deep experience in the airline environment for future growth opportunities.  This partnership is not only innovative and creative, but involves complementary approaches to the growth of travel automation. This partnership will provide immense added value to our current and future clients.   Mark Lewington, CEO, CTS Systems.

Both CTS Systems and Magnatech are preeminent providers in their space, known for effective, comprehensive travel management solutions. The partnership not only helps to develop additional solutions for their respective clients, but also to enhance their current offerings.

About Magnatech

Magnatech Travel Management Solutions Inc. develops travel management tools and solutions that meet the evolving needs of corporate travel management companies around the world. Their services help combine the expertise of travel professionals with the best emerging technologies in order to ensure quality customer service and sustained client satisfaction. Founded in 1990, Magnatech has positioned itself as a leading developer and provider of mid-office automation tools and itinerary software that help corporate travel companies manage, track, locate, validate and deliver information. www.magnatech.com

About CTS Systems

CTS Systems a specialized organization that collects, reconciles and reports on all types of payments in the travel industry. This payment eco systems handles over 7 Billion US Dollars of clients’ revenues with over 50 Million transactions per year. With 25 years of experience, we have developed in-depth relationships with over 5,000 hotels globally to provide a seamless service to our mutual clients. We are a global company with offices in Atlanta, London, Dubai, Mumbai and Hong Kong and opening soon in Sydney and São Paulo. www.ctssystems.com