Case Study: Sanford Travel’s Transformation with OnTrackplus®

Jul 4, 2024

Sydney, Australia – 4 July 2024 

About Sanford International Travel

Sanford International Travel, based in Sydney, Australia, has been a staple in the travel industry since the 1980s. Transitioning from a leisure agency to a predominantly corporate travel management company, Sanford has built its reputation on providing tailored travel solutions with a personal touch.


Despite the post-COVID surge in travel demand, Sanford, like all other agencies in Australia coming out of pandemic, faced staffing challenges in 2023, necessitating efficiency improvements to maintain their high standard of personalised service.

Challenges Before OnTrackplus

Before implementing Magnatech Travel Management Solutions’ OnTrackplus, Sanford commissioned a time study of key staff to identify areas for productivity gains.

The time study revealed that the existing process for managing unused ticket credits was a significant consumer of time causing several inefficiencies:

  1. Reports were compiled manually, and therefore were produced reactively rather than proactively, leading to expired credits.
  2. Client Relationship Managers spent up to 30 hours per month managing reports for 45 clients.
  3. Consultants spent an additional 20 minutes per unused ticket finding, adding and releasing the credits from their mid-office system, Tramada.
  4. Manual processes introduced errors, requiring extensive double-checking.
  5. The lack of streamlined processes hindered productivity, diverting time from client-facing activities.
  6. Their online booking system, Serko, showed contradictory unused credit information from that which was captured in Tramada.

Decision to Implement OnTrackplus

Managing Director Georgie Byrt had been aware of Magnatech’s solutions, but the need to introduce – as a priority – Magnatech’s unused ticket solution, OnTrackplus, became clear after the time study revealed the inefficiencies in handling unused tickets. The decision to implement OnTrackplus was driven by the need for:

Streamlined processes for tracking, managing, and reporting unused tickets.

Integration of client-facing technologies like Serko and Kudos for consistent, accurate credit reporting.

Implementation Process

Client Relationship Manager, Kerby Hasler, who became project manager of the implementation, initially approached the implementation of OnTrackplus with apprehension, but was soon delighted to find the process straightforward and user-friendly. The training and support provided by Magnatech, especially the ability to import historical credits easily, exceeded expectations.

“The implementation process was so easy, communication with Magnatech has always been super easy and I hear back from everyone really quickly. The whole process has been amazing! OnTrackplus is a game changer for our business, without a doubt.”

Kerby Hasler

Client Relationship Manager, Sanford International Travel

Impact and Results

Consultants have adapted quickly to having tickets on hold tracking off their plate saving them 20 minutes per unused credit.

  • 20 minutes saved per ticket on hold equal to over 75 hours per month across the team

Automated ticket management reporting has saved Kerby approximately 30-45 hours per month allowing her to focus on direct client engagement.

  • 45 minutes saved per client per account manager per month


Integrations between OnTrackplus, Serko and Kudos have eliminated inconsistencies and reduced client queries.


Clients appreciate the timely and accurate monthly reports, improving their satisfaction and trust.


Magnatech’s agile support has enabled quick customization of reports to meet individual client needs.

User Experience and Feedback

The initial transition required consultants to adjust to the new automated system. However, once accustomed, they appreciated the reduced workload and increased accuracy. The streamlined process has had the additional benefit of making onboarding new staff easier, contributing to higher staff satisfaction and retention.

Future Plans


Adding a “what’s been exchanged and refunded” report for client account reviews.


Exploring custom internal reporting to enhance operational efficiencies and proactive client management such as a “90 days till expiry” report for consultants.


Within a few short months of implementation, Magnatech’s OnTrackplus has been transformative for Sanford International Travel.

By automating unused ticket tracking and reporting, the solution has not only saved significant time and resources but also enhanced service accuracy and client satisfaction.

The seamless integration with other client-facing technologies and the ease of implementation have made OnTrackplus an invaluable tool for Sanford’s future growth and operational excellence.

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