Five percent of all airplane tickets that are booked are thought to go unused. When a TMC offers its services to corporate clients, they are usually asked to provide documentation of the procedures they have in place for managing the tracking of unused tickets. If the expiration date is adhered to, these tickets may be redeemed for future ticket values; if not, customers forfeit the entire value of their tickets, posing a significant financial risk to the TMC and its customers.

Magnatech®’s OnTrackplus™ software was developed to reduce your workload and eliminate the financial losses associated with unused air travel. It is a web-based solution that automatically tracks, updates, and reports on unused tickets which can be segregated by individual traveller or by corporate client.

Tracking unused tickets and calculating their value is a time-consuming exercise which is customarily completed manually. For TMCs with hundreds of corporate clients to manage, OnTrackplus represents an opportunity to reduce manual effort and improve revenue generation.

what our Customers are saying

With the use of Magnatech unused ticket tracking we have significantly eliminated wastage by having the functionality to visually see and accurately account for tickets held in credit. We have been able to dramatically reduce our workload in the management of unused tickets and reporting. The process of storing and utilizing unused tickets has now become efficient and seamless.

- Rizwana Laxmidhar

Travel Technology and Implementations Specialist, The Travel Authority Group (now part of ATPI)

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