Magnatech Compliance Control (MTCC) – an innovative compliance verification system.


Magnatech has designed MTCC to provide quality control and auto-ticketing solutions which enable TMCs to manage their verification and ticketing processes. Our touchless system is capable of managing critical mid-office processes for you without the necessity of human intervention. This compliance control system contains a flexible ticketing solution for any type of booking, whether domestic, international, online or non-GDS.

MTCC will reduce workload, anxiety, duplication and error. It will assist you with workflow achievements, facilitate the creation and implementation of new accounts and approvals, search for lower fares and calculate fees.

MTCC features include:

PNR corporate policy validation
Automated service fees
Automated contract and commissions
Loyalty program management
OnTrackPlus integration
Lower fare finder
Automated destination specific remarks
Duplicate booking detection
Reduction of time spent on error correction
Dashboard view of specific KPIs
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