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Founded in 1990 with corporate offices in Montréal, Canada, Magnatech® has positioned itself as a leading developer and provider of mid-office automation tools and itinerary software that help corporate travel companies manage, track, locate, validate and deliver information.

Over the last decade, we have established an enviable reputation, nationally and internationally, with our innovative web-based solutions designed to enhance the travel experience of business travellers.


At Magnatech, we look forward to continue being key contributors to the technological advances that will simplify corporate travel management and improve customer experience. We have acquired deep domain expertise in delivering travel management software solutions that meet the needs of business travellers and resolve inefficiencies related to document delivery.

Our objective, today and moving forward, is to consistently provide the highest quality and most reliable travel management software.

  • Proven expertise you can rely on
  • Comprehensive evaluation of your specific needs
  • Collaborative approach to a stress-free implementation
  • Timely and efficient technical assistance
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Address: 1255 Phillips Square, Suite 505 Montreal, (Quebec) CANADA H3B 3G1
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