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President & CEO

A seasoned entrepreneur, Paul joined Magnatech® in 2002, and has held the position of President and CEO since 2016. He initiated the design and development of the products, services and systems Magnatech® currently provides to the TMC market.

Paul is responsible for creating training and incentive plans, maintaining efficient team structure and performance, as well as managing and building relationships with existing and potential clients. He is the driving force behind Magnatech®’s culture of innovation, reliability, and client satisfaction. Paul strives to provide inspirational leadership, sharing his passion for excellence with every member of our team.

Maria Nudo
Vice President

Responsible for managing all administrative aspects of the company, Maria handles finance and accounting, contract management, human resources and all corporate and administrative matters.

Prior to joining the Magnatech® team, she acted for over 20 years as the in-house corporate paralegal for Canderel Management Inc., a leading Canadian property acquisition, development and management company. Her breadth of knowledge and experience contribute to Magnatech®’s ability to deliver high quality customer services.

Scott Millar
Director of Sales & Strategic Partnerships

As a B2B sales executive, Scott joined the Magnatech® team in 2005, promoting our desktop applications regarding itinerary/invoice delivery systems to the TMC marketplace.

Promoted to Product Manager in 2007, then to Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships, his responsibilities have increased to include all sales and marketing activities relating to our web-based line of products SafeToGo®, OnQueue™, OnTrackplus™ and  MTWokflows®, event management planning and the coordination of our participation in various travel agency affiliate events held throughout the year. Scott also takes care of account management, which also entails managing client expectations and concerns.

Luciano Paparella
Director of Product Development

With over 20 years of experience in project implementation, Luciano has been a part of the Magnatech® team since 2009. He is primarily responsible for product development .

Luciano’s expertise in providing seamless integration of supply chain management systems has placed him at the helm of building comprehensive automated solutions to manage mid-office compliance policies and auto-ticketing tools that have led to a completely touchless system for corporate travel consultants.

Delia Oviedo
Director of Mobile Technology Development

Having joined Magnatech® in 2011, Delia has proven to be an invaluable addition to the management team. A native Australian, she has had an impressive career path, from working as a travel coordinator to becoming Global Banking Assistant Manager for Flight Center Ltd in her homeland.

Delia’s extensive knowledge and know-how regarding corporate travel industry processes and requirements makes her a natural fit for Magnatech®’s duty of care system SafeToGo®. She is responsible for coordinating the tasks and requirements associated with the various stages of the product development process, as well as ensuring that the product meets user needs.