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Pre-trip Approval – an automated pre-trip approval system


Magnatech’s automated Pre-trip Approval system addresses the ever-present need for the corporate client to ensure their business travellers are in compliance with its corporate travel policies. By implementing Magnatech’s Pre-Trip Approval process, the TMC’s client has the option to approve, decline or request changes to certain elements of the traveller’s itinerary prior to ticketing.

Our Pre-Trip Approval system can be customized to offer you the highest level of flexibility with regards to configurable options.

For example, prior to a trip being ticketed, the travel consultant can receive an e-mail requesting authorization for a particular trip based on the rules/routines identified for that particular traveller. If the trip is authorized, it can then be automatically ticketed. Should it be refused, a reason code can be applied and the corporate travel arranger/agency can determine what action is to be taken next. The travel consultant can receive a PDF report detailing which itineraries have been authorized/refused, the reason behind the decision, and the party who agreed/declined the transaction.

PRE-Tripapproval features include:

Automated customized email notifications
Pre-defined email alert notifications transmitted on an interval basis
Dashboard access for quick review of notifications
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