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OnTrackplus™ – a due diligence solution for unused ticket tracking

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It is estimated that 5% of all airline tickets booked remain unused. More often than not, when a TMC proposes its services to corporate clients, they are required to demonstrate what processes are in place to handle the tracking of unused tickets. Provided the expiration date is respected, these could be exchanged for the value of future tickets, otherwise clients lose the value of the tickets altogether, which represents a substantial financial liability for both the TMC and its clients.

Magnatech®’s OnTrackplus™ software was developed to reduce your workload and eliminate the financial losses associated with unused air travel. It is a web-based solution that automatically tracks, updates, and reports on unused tickets which can be segregated by individual traveller or by corporate client.

Tracking unused tickets and calculating their value is a time-consuming exercise which is customarily completed manually. For TMCs with hundreds of corporate clients to manage, OnTrackplus™ represents an opportunity to reduce manual effort and improve revenue generation.

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